Embracing the Ordinary

It’s been a while, friends.  Not only have I felt like there wasn’t much I wanted to say but I also had our 4th child on February 22nd.  So life was busy in preparation for him coming and then life kind of exploded on me once he came.  It’s been a good transition overall but life with 4 kids is different from life with 3 (mainly, it’s louder since my 22 month old really discovered her outside voice and uses it inside).  Before Asher came into this world, I had more free time and the ability to read a lot, write, work a mostly-from-home PT job, and overall just enjoy myself a bit.  I’m not sure how that happened but things were just fairly easy with the occasional crazy day thrown in there.  Now?  Life is different and I fought against that initially.  Couple that with hormones and the baby blues became my reality.  Because I struggled with PPD with my 3rd, I knew I needed to be proactive.  Thanks to a supportive husband and a great support system, I’m doing well.  But life is still different than it was and that’s something I need to accept and embrace rather than fight against.

I feel at a loss for the words to explain it all so I’m deferring to the wonderful Sarah Bessey.  She wrote a post recently about how God is in the ordinary day-to-day stuff like mothering little ones . . . and how prone she was to wanting to do something “big” and “heroic” for God.  Instead, she was cleaning up messes and wiping butts.  You should read the whole post but here’s a little taste of what hit me so hard:

God is present in the ordinary and the regular and the uncelebrated in a way that I never could have fathomed when I thought God’s best was only either on stage or in a pulpit or a mountaintop or an arena or far away.  

Because here’s the secret behind it all: part of the reason why we want to be radical is because we believe that it’s better.

I have believed for so long that I needed to be more than “just” a mother.  I have a college degree and passions and skills and they’re being wasted, I believed.  And yet I would hear that these days with littles go by far too quickly and how I’m having a big impact on them in these early years.  But I continued to strive to be more and better than “just” a mother.  I’d even read lots of people saying that mothering is a full-time job and it’s so hard and honorable.  But it didn’t really sink in.  When Asher arrived, I realized that I can’t do it all.  Mothering really is a full-time job.  But here’s the thing: it doesn’t require that I stop everything I love doing.  It just looks different.

I can so often think that I need to have a job or a task in order to feel important and productive.  I can certainly say no to a lot of things but it’s difficult for me to say no to it all so I can say yes to the ordinary.  It’s still something–it isn’t being lazy and just receiving all the time, being a consumer of it all.  It’s choosing to embrace the natural and organic in life . . . the mothering of my littles, the conversations online with like-minded women all over the world, the interactions with those in my neighborhood, the saying yes to allowing my daughter to plan a casual party, the time with my husband now that he’s only working one FT job and I don’t have a job outside the home.  I don’t have to check something off my to do list in order for it to be important.

So what does this all mean?

It means I’m finding 10 minutes in my day during naptime or after the kids go to bed to exercise.

It means I don’t have Facebook notifications on my phone because I don’t have time (nor do I want) to be distracted like that.

It means sending quick texts to friends to nurture friendships even if we can’t see each other every week.

It means reading a couple pages of a book a few times a week and not feeling obligated to finish a book I’m just not into.

It means choosing not to be at my computer as often as I was before, knowing that I need to be present with my kids or they’ll be looking elsewhere for that attention.

It means having the time now to be outside with my kids, talking with neighbors, knowing I don’t have to cut it short to be inside doing something else that is required of me.

It means becoming a little less me-focused and more others’-focused, while still making sure to nurture my own passions and gifts.

For this blog, it means I’m taking a break.  I kind of already started before Asher was born but I felt like I needed to really communicate that to you all.  It is all too easy for me to think I have to write a certain number of times a week and that I should care more about getting more people to read my blog.  I really don’t care how many people read it.  More than anything, it’s been for me . . . to just get my thoughts out there and be able to look back and remember some of the things God has been teaching me.  But in the blogging world, writers are told they should make it out to be more . . . to get more readers, more subscribers, more interaction, to make money, etc.  I simply am not in a place where that is important to me but I also don’t want to fall into that again.  And because I haven’t felt the need to write much over the past few months, I think I’m going to embrace this new season I’m in and not feel the need to write.  If something comes up I really want to share, for sure I’ll do that.  It may or may not happen and I felt that I needed to share that with you so you know not to expect anything. 🙂  If I still haven’t felt like this is to be continued pursuing come the end of the year, I’ll be closing the blog for good.

Thanks for understanding and supporting me in this transition.  🙂

Longest {Blog} Nap Ever

The Longest {Blog} Nap Ever

Okay okay, I owe you all like a huge apology.  I took the longest blog nap ever.  It started with just being busy with preparing for my sister-in-law’s wedding.  Then we had people here for a while and then everyone left but I was exhausted.  Normally I’d still be able to take some time to write here and there because I so enjoy it.  But it just wasn’t happening.  I stopped reading for fun and writing and just did regular life stuff.

So if you’re still here reading and getting updates, thank you.  Thanks for not giving up on me while I took a hiatus.  And as a thank you, I’m now going to share some big news with you. 🙂

You know how I said I was exhausted?  Well I was more exhausted than usual because there happens to be this little baby growing inside my belly.  Yep, a 4th kid.  And hopefully now you’ll understand why I needed a little blog break.  I was having a really tough time with the news because it was TOTALLY unexpected (well, for me, not on God’s part).  I didn’t take the news well and kind of retreated for a bit in “real” life too.  I cried a lot and threw a little fit to God.  But now we’re good.  I got to see the little one via an ultrasound and that helped so much–something about seeing him/her move that little body just makes things a little more real.  I’m still taking 2 hour naps most days when the kids nap, which is so not like me.  And that’s tough.  But it’s needed.  So I will still not be writing as frequently as I’d like but know you’ll hear from me here and there and I haven’t completely disappeared.

I started homeschooling my 5 year old this week, which I’m loving, and may from time to time share what we’re doing in case anyone needs any ideas for stuff to do with their own kids (whether homeschooling or not) that doesn’t cost much and is still fun.  But it’s going really well, even with her being a little sick this week (go figure).  Otherwise, life is back to normal and as a family we’re just slowing down as best we can and doing lots of praying and talking about what our future holds since #4 has thrown us for a bit of a loop.  We knew before we needed to take some stuff off our plates for the health of our marriage and family and now with #4 coming and me not feeling at all equipped (though I know God will equip me), it’s even more necessary that we are super intentional with where we spend our energies.  I’ll keep you all posted on our journey toward living slower and more intentional, as always.

For now, can I hear from YOU?  If you’ll take the time, I’d love to hear from you on any of the following:

  1. Have you been able to slow down this summer at all?  If so, in what ways have you been and how can you continue to do so once the school year begins again?
  2. When it comes to meals, have you tried any of those subscriptions like Hello Fresh/Blue Apron/Plated?  If so, what was your experience?  Been looking into it, thinking I probably waste too much fun in our house and want someone else to do ALL the work for me so I can simplify a bit in that area, but it costs money to do that too.  So just looking for some feedback. 🙂
  3. What is one area of your life you really want to focus on for the rest of the year? (health, delving into a hobby, marriage, a character weaknesses to improve, etc.)

You can email me your thoughts (naptimecoffeebreak@gmail.com), leave a comment on Facebook, or just comment on the blog post itself.

Again, thanks for reading and being patient and forgiving.  Looking forward to getting more regular and interacting with you more!

5 Reasons I Switched to Kindle

My perfect morning: big cup of coffee in a yellow mug and a book.

My perfect morning: big cup of coffee in a yellow mug and a book.

I’m a convert.  I really didn’t think I would say that about books.  Heck, even to be talking about books is miraculous. (Seriously, for as studious as I was growing up, I loathed reading and would ::gasp:: use SparkNotes.  I know, it’s terrible.  I wish I could go back in time and tell my child self that reading is good, will make me smarter, and I will miss out in conversations because I chose not to read anything unless it was a textbook.  But I can’t so I’m making up for it now . . . but still can’t get into fiction for the life of me.  I feel like I should be missing out but I don’t feel less awesome because of it so I’ll keep reading my nonfiction and you all can talk about the classics and I’ll dream about reading them, feel all inspired from our convo, read a few pages from the library, then return it tomorrow and we’ll do it again, k?).

I digress.

So here’s the deal.  I love picking up a book and reading it.  For the “feel” of it, I prefer a physical book.  I like the cover, the way it looks on my table, and flipping through the pages.  Nothing beats that.  But I chose to try the digital thing out because I can’t knock something til I’ve tried it.  It’s a big motto of mine that I take to all different areas of my life, including books.

So I tried using my computer and phone and used the Kindle app, without having a Kindle.  And it was okay.  But let’s face it: I take distraction to another level.  I read and then jump over to check something else and then read all these blog posts or watch videos or just look stuff up, because I am this quirky researcher at heart who can literally find something on the Internet in 2 seconds flat and it’s a weird, almost-useless skill I have.  The ebook thing was cool and all, but I felt like I needed to have an actual Kindle so my gnat-like attention span could be kept at bay.

So I quit the ebook thing, for the most part.  Sometimes if I could get a really good deal on an ebook I’d download it.  Or if my husband and I were reading together, we’d both sit on our laptops reading out loud in bed.  Useful?  Sure.  But I still liked the physical book.  After all, it’s nice to see bookshelves filled with books if for no other reason than to tell people to go ahead and pick one to read when they’re over (because that happened a lot at our house, of course).

But something about the digital book just kept pesting me . . . as my 3 year old son says.  “Try me,” said the Amazon homepage . . . “I’m better,” it would insist.  Mhm.

So when a good deal came up on a Kindle for about $50, I decided I’d just do it.  Get the Kindle.  And man am I glad I did.  In case you’re on the fringe, here is why I think it was worth the plunge:

5 Reasons I Switched to a Kindle
  1. Money!  I’m kind of big on saving money, people.  And ebooks are pretty much always cheaper.  So with the $50 I spent and the books I was going to buy anyway that I found cheaper by getting an ebook, I’ve already gotten my money back essentially.  I find deals all the time for $.99-$2.99.  I just keep a wish list on Amazon and check every so often (or I’ll see something posted on Twitter or Facebook saying a bunch of books are on sale for a limited time) and snatch ’em up.  Saving money is a definite win.
  2. Notes.  I have a terrible memory.  Like beyond terrible.  I can read a book and the next day totally forget what I read.  So I’m big on notes.  Maybe it’s the student in me who wishes she could always be in college.  Nevertheless, it’s part of me.  But with Kindle, it’s so much easier to highlight and make notes.  I don’t have to flip through the pages to try to find my notes or write in the little margins.  I can just go to my notes and see them all listed and jump over to the page.  It’s perfect for me because I can review a book way quicker.  It’s also great for reading my Bible because I can highlight and make notes, which is tougher with a physical Bible (and more limited with what you can write due to space).
  3. Decluttering.  Ya’ll know I love striving to be more of a minimalist.  I don’t like clutter.  I can deal with dust but clutter?  Nope.  And let’s face it: many of us read a book and then it sits on the shelf collecting dust.  With most of my books being on a device, I have them all in one place, taking up less space than one book, and I don’t need a bookshelf to hold them.  I’ll always have the books so I don’t have to worry about losing them or packing them up if we ever move.  It’s pretty sweet.
  4. Less Weight.  I can put my Kindle in my bag and it barely weighs anything and takes up little room.  So that means I can take a book anywhere without much hassle (on a trip, to a coffeeshop, to church so I can read my Bible, etc).  I can even take it outside or in the car and not worry about the glare.  I can just pick up my Kindle and sit in bed and read at night and it’s wonderful.  Oh, and a bonus is I don’t need a bookmark or to worry about my kids losing my place if I leave it open or be fiddling with it to keep the pages flat.  Just pick it up and read.  Ah.  Brilliant.
  5. Choices.  Because my mind changes every 2 seconds, a Kindle is perfect for me.  If I’m reading a book but not in the mood for that topic, I can switch easily to another one.  I can look at all the books I have (it holds a lot but even if I ran out of space, they’re on the Amazon Cloud) and choose what I want, depending on my mood.

I still look for books first at the library and will read a physical book here and there.  I have some from my pre-Kindle days and am glad I do because I can loan them to other people (or have them looking pretty on my mantle).  But all in all, Kindle is my first choice now because the benefits rule.

How about y0u?  Have you made the switch?  If not, what holds you back?

Christmas Cheer {GIVEAWAY}!

spreading christmas cheer giveaway

Really, what better way to honor the Ultimate Giver (Jesus . . . in case you’re late to the party) than to GIVE?  So from now til Dec 20th I’m running a book giveaway.  It’s my small way to say thank you for reading and encouraging me as I share with you what God has put on my heart to speak to you.  By thanking you, I’m saying thank you to Jesus for the passion He has given me . . . and for the molding He is doing in my own life through this blog to make me *hopefully* reflect Him all the more. [Read more…]

Ferguson: Our Response Matters

This isn’t a post about the decision made.  No sides are being taken.  It just isn’t helpful at this point.  But what I’m finding our best response to be is to listen.  People are hurting.  Even if the results were the other way around, people would still be hurting.  And people want to be heard, not dismissed.  With that said, I think the following articles/blogs have been helpful to encourage us in that direction and I’d encourage you to take some time to hear what they have to say.  May we encourage dialogue and  have hearts that seek to understand and move toward reconciliation.

Note: more and more posts will be written about this, as it’s all still very fresh.  If I come across more worth sharing, I will add them.

If you do nothing else, watch this:  Let’s Talk Bluntly about Race by Matt Chandler

Pain Doesn’t Take a Holiday: An Invitation to Listen by Vanessa Fischer via Theocult

Christian Leaders React to Ferguson (Tweets) by Relevant Magazine

A Decision in Ferguson: How Should Evangelicals Respond? by Ed Stetzer

Why You Should Still Care About Ferguson Despite the Facts by Ed Stetzer

To My White People by Jennie Allen

Privilege Awareness on Bored Panda

Suggestions on How to Respond by Darrin Patrick

Mourning with the Mourners by Seth Haines via A Deeper Story

Love Note to the World by Glennon Doyle Melton

Good Grief by Eric Mason

Midweek Espresso {10.15.14}

I have been a little MIA lately but for good reason. My mom was in, then my in-laws and one SIL, and now my SIL who moved recently to Texas is in.  So of course my time is being spent elsewhere on purpose because time with family is precious.  But I won’t neglect sharing the good stuff I’ve read this week with you because there is some really good thought-provoking reading material this week.  So jump on in and enjoy!



Midweek Espresso {10.15.14}

I LOVE Shauna’s stance on technology here.  She took the words right out of my mouth.

It’s a Shauna kind of week I guess.  Here she talks a little about the power of sitting around the table and what can result.  My experiences confirm this for sure.

I know it’s controversial but I was digging this take on homework this week.

If you are a parent and read nothing else this week, read this.  How many of us hide this area of our lives when we could be releasing it and doing something about it?  Love her tips and there’s even a free poster to print off as a reminder.

Something to make you smile . . . a little mother-son dance.

A friend shared this and it’s wonderful.  We’re not alone and there’s hope.  I don’t think I will ever be able to hear that enough over the years so keep stuff like this coming.

Guys saying “I love you” to their best friends.  Love it.

Culture shock right here.  So wish America could adopt some of these.  Is it that we are less safe?  Is it that kids in those countries actually end up really messed up?  Would love some insight.

You’re Going to Love Gilmore Girls

As if I haven’t spent enough of my kids’ naptime hours watching Friday Night Lights on Netflix, I am now going to be needing some accountability to not waste my life away come October.  Why, you ask?  Oh, let me please tell you the wonderful news.  I’d be honored.  Here it is:  Gilmore Girls is coming to Netflix on October 1st.  This is huge news, my friends!  (As if you haven’t been able to tell from Facebook, Twitter, the screams you heard from all the girls across the nation.)

Side note:  Netflix, you are so smart.  Seriously.  Good move.  You probably just increased site membership 90%.  Ok, maybe not, but by the time people read this post, they will totally want to sign up if they haven’t already because they’ll be utterly convinced they’ve been missing out their entire lives from not watching Gilmore Girls (GG).  Maybe there are technically more important things in life than experiencing GG, but it is high up there if I might say so myself.

I know that me sharing with you this news is not quite in line with what I’d normally share on this blog but, being the creative genius that I am, I found a way to make it fit.  Always keeping you in mind, my friends.  You’re so welcome.

Let’s start off with some kindred GG fans out there who were just as giddy as I was when I heard about this fantastic news.

People Tweeting about #GilmoreGirls

Buzzfeed’s list is here.

And here’s my list:


10 Reasons You Should Watch Gilmore Girls

Ok, I’ll be honest, it’s been YEARS since I’ve watched the show.  I figured eventually it’d come out on Amazon Prime or Netflix.  And I was right (it does happen sometimes guys).  But I do remember enough to know that this show rocked my world in college (my roomie introduced it to me and I am forever grateful).  And it will rock yours too, I do believe.  Here’s why (beyond the fact there are 153 episodes . . . yes, it’s glorious . . .  so there has to be something good in there but I digress):

  1. It will reaffirm why the parent-child relationship is so critical in a child’s life (and the parent’s).
  2. It will bring you back to your high school and college days, reminiscing about the good ‘ole times (or maybe not so good ‘ole times but times nevertheless).
  3. It will have you rooting for the quirky girl (and who doesn’t love that?).
  4. It will make you want to talk fast and that means more people will talk like me and that’s always a good thing.
  5. (In relation to #4) It will keep you on your toes and your mind may be more sharp because you’ve had to keep up with the fast-paced talking.  No data to support this but I’m pretty sure it’s true.
  6. It’s an excuse for a girls night.  Need I say more?
  7. And it’s an excuse to continue to drink your coffee.
  8. It will tempt you to move to a small town . . . over and over again.  (And you’ll also remember to be on your best behavior so you aren’t the focus of the gossip, of course.)
  9. You’ll laugh a lot.  And cry.  But lots of laughing.
  10. If you have a daughter, it’ll make you want to nurture that relationship like never before.  If you don’t, it may make you want to adopt a daughter or pretend that a friend’s daughter is your daughter.  Or join the Boys and Girls Club.  Or the YWCA.  Or do foster care.  You get the idea.  And while you may not want to treat that daughter exactly the same as Lorelai did with her daughter, the love they have for one another is definitely worth aspiring to.

I’m truly sorry if I just contributed to your already-addicted-TV-self.  I’m really not a huge TV watcher so take my word for it that this will be worth your time.  Now, there are other things that need done that are more important so do those first and then wind down with a little Loralei and Rory Gilmore time.  You won’t be disappointed.

Midweek Espresso {8.20.14}


For the background on this Midweek Espresso series, see the first post here.

Midweek Espresso Links {8.20.14}

Seriously, who thought of using cups to make art?  And that many?  Ignoring the fact that that’s a lot of water and instead focusing on the art. [Read more…]

Wanderlust Worship

Maybe I’m just way behind (likely true), but I didn’t know there was an actual term for my insatiable desire to explore new places and travel.  Wanderlust.  Hm, who knew (probably everyone else in this world but me because I’m a little bit behind)?  Now, the thing is, I haven’t traveled much (still haven’t been on a plane . . . kills me).  But I have this intense desire to do so, except for the fact that I’m pretty sure my motion sickness will ruin it for me but right now, let me live in my dreamy state.

I live for exploring new places . . . coffee shops, the quaint towns no one talks about, the cobblestone streets, farmers markets, outdoor music, boutique shops, local eateries.  My brief time in Charlottesville and Asheville sparked more of a desire to travel than I had before.  And while I’ve never been to the west coast, I’m pretty sure I’d fall in love with places like Portland, Tacoma, and Seattle.

I know I’m risking sounding like a hippie, but there’s just something about experiencing new places that brings me to worship.  Don’t stop reading, please.  I swear I’m half normal . . . maybe.  But seriously, for me, when I find a locally-owned coffeeshop with live music, or I’m at an outdoor market like this outdoor mall I loved, or I stay in a modern B&B like this one we stayed at, I just think to myself, “Wow God.  This country . . . this world . . . thank you for your creativity.”

I like to be a tourist but in a non-tourist kind of way.  I don’t typically want to go to the places everyone normally goes (just sometimes if it’s really good and unfortunately, if it’s history-related I probably won’t want to and I know that’s horrible and you’re going to stop reading now but I had to be honest); I like to find the hidden gems.  And in them, I find that God has done some really neat things in and through people.

So a big dream of mine is to have a long vacation sometime when I can just travel at least this country, if not go outside its borders to places like Switzerland and Ireland, and see more of God’s creativity.  Joe and I always say “maybe someday” to the ideas we have and this is one of those “maybe someday” things for me but I hope it’s a “yes, sometime soon” so I can continue to see God made manifest in His creation.  And I will . . . regardless of where I travel or don’t.  It’s all about finding the glimpses of beauty in the every day.  They’re everywhere, all over this world, and I’d love to just grab hold of those glimpses everywhere I go and bottle them up.

What brings you to worship in a non-traditional way?  Or what are some “hidden gems” you’ve found along your travels?


Knowledge Bucket List

I’m kind of a fan of bucket lists (as you can tell from this post and the fact that I did really like the movie by the same name).  I think it helps us to keep on truckin’ (ah, bringing me back to my VW bug lovin’ days).  It keeps us goal-oriented, with something to look forward to.  Plus, there’s nothing like a Type A girl like me getting the chance to cross something off a list.

So what sparked this one?  I don’t know anything I should.  Ok, not true.  But I don’t know a lot of things I wish I did.  You see, I graduated in the top 8% of my high school class of about 500 students and I graduated Summa Cum Laude from college.  But the thing is, I was the type of student who tried really hard to get an A but didn’t care so much about actually knowing anything.  The result?  I got all the information into my head, got the A, and then it left my brain completely.  Not good, my friends, not good.  So for those of you who are the generation behind me and still in school, please heed my advice:  don’t just aim for a certain grade; actually try to digest the information and retain it.  When it boils down to it, if you have all A’s but you don’t remember a thing, it doesn’t serve you any good in the workplace or in life.

I sought some opinions on Facebook about what things a person should know to help me compile my list.  My goal is to keep this list handy and work through it (it may take a while–I’m not giving it an end date).  I didn’t include things I actually already know because that’s pointless.  And I’d challenge you to make your own list.  It’s always good to keep our brains fresh and remind ourselves of the things we probably once knew but don’t anymore.  I guess this is why Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader exists.  That show is humbling.  But seriously, they just learned that stuff so they totally have an advantage.  (That’s my justification for not being smart . . . but let me have it or else my ego is going to plummet even further.)  Alright, my friends, here’s my list.  No snickering allowed.  I know a lot of other things . . . just not these things.  And I know someone else is right there with me but just may be too ashamed to admit it (though it’d seriously help my ego if you would leave a comment letting me know I’m not alone).  Here’s to me being authentic about my lack of knowledge . . .

My Knowledge Bucket List
  1. Location of all 50 states (It’s sad that I’d probably mess up a few but at least I would get the New England states and I know many people who can’t do that . . . so I’m not that bad, right?)
  2. Capitals of all 50 states (I’d fail miserably at this test so I didn’t even try . . . no point in kicking a girl while she’s down.)
  3. Location of major countries (Does it really need to be said that I remember nothing from geography?  Still not sure how I got an A.)
  4. Major wars (Do you notice a pattern here?  I wasn’t all that thrilled with history and when I took a history class in college, I finally started to see why some people might be interested in it, but by that point I was already too far gone haha.  It’d be good to know who fought, when, where, the results, etc. so I can have an intelligent conversation with someone when this comes up.)
  5. Conversion from US to metric system (No clue with this one.  I know you multiply by something and that’s about it.  Why can’t we all just use the same system?)
  6. Convert CAD to USD and vice versa (Not sure if it’s really all that important but sometimes something is priced in CAD and I’d like to know the equivalent.)
  7. Know US measurement conversions–how many ounces are in a cup, etc.  (Don’t worry, I know some and I do have a chart on my fridge but it’d be nice to just know this stuff by memory just in case the Internet goes extinct.)
  8. Books of the Bible  (I don’t know the order by heart yet . . . just a good chunk.  I keep trying and then forgetting to practice and well, here I am.)
  9. Ten commandments  (I didn’t grow up going to church so I never had to memorize them.  Really, it all boils down to loving God and loving your neighbor but it’d still be good to know them all.)
  10. Geometry (I know that’s not very specific.  It’d be good to know the basics like angles and circumference and all that stuff I learned but forgot and therefore don’t know and have to ask someone else about.  Plus, I don’t want to be schooled by my kids later in life.  Okay, that’s really the reason.)
  11. How to change a flat tire  (Sure, I have AAA but I think we all should know this one and I’d guess a majority of us don’t.)
  12. How to jump start a car  (I know you need jumper cables and we have some but if someone else needed help and also didn’t know how to use them, what good is that?  I need to step it up.)
  13. How to set a table properly  (I always question what I’m doing . . . which utensils go together and on which side?  I’m intentionally not looking it up.  Please someone else tell me they don’t know without looking it up too . . .)
  14. How to sew  (Sadly I really don’t know how to.  I can sew a button on or do a real quick fix of a hole but it won’t look pretty because I’m pretty sure I’m not doing it right.  I guess a sewing machine would be helpful too.)
  15. How to can  (Yes, as in what these country folk do in PA.  I don’t ever remember that word (canning) growing up so this is seriously new to me.  And I feel like not only should I know so I’m not the weirdo who has never done it but I hear it can save money and we all know I’m always up for that.)

    I will add on to this as things come to mind.  I’m sure there’s plenty more!

When you come up with your own list, either link up to your own blog or just leave your list in the comments!