Intentional Christmas Giving

Intentional Christmas Giving


Some of you are already done Christmas shopping (like me . . . because I had to be due to timing of seeing family).  Some of you started but have more to do.  And others haven’t begun yet (and that’s totally ok!).  Those of you who need some gift ideas still, or just want to have a resource to turn to for gifts for other times of the year (or next year), will really enjoy this!

We know this is a great time to be intentional with our money because we’re often spending more than usual (though we shouldn’t feel the need to–that’s a whole other thing altogether) so why not spend our money in places where it’ll make more of a difference?  But I’m no expert so I’m giving credit to those who have already done the work.  They’ve created some GREAT lists and I’m here to share them with you today in case it helps with your Christmas gift ideas or any gifts for that matter (birthdays, just because, you get the idea).  Enjoy!

And if I missed any good lists, please please please feel free to comment on the blog post itself or you can comment on the post on Facebook when it’s up there if you prefer.  I’m all about sharing the good stuff that helps us live more intentionally especially when it comes to our choices as consumers.  And now to the list!

5 Lists to Help You Give Intentionally

  1. Melanie Dale’s Slave-Free Christmas: She has TONS of ideas and has them all organized by what kind of gift you may be looking for.  The link will provide you with all the posts on her blog related to Slave-Free Christmas but some of the posts contain actual lists while others feature specific companies.  She posted a list of toys that give back all year long so check that out too for Christmas, birthday parties, baby showers, etc.
  2. Jen Hatmaker’s Buy Once, Give Twice:  She created a list in 2014 and and it’s sorted by the person you’d be shopping for.
  3. The Art of Simple’s 2015 Holiday Gift Guide: Tsh updated this for this year and I LOVE it.  You click on the tab and it opens up that category.  Then you can close it and open a different one.  Super easy and clean, which I am always into.  She even has specific book title recommendations.  Tsh also has an all-year-round Ethical Shopping Guide she keeps on her site at all times.
  4. Carrie’s (Lovely Etc.) 45 Gorgeous Gifts that Give Back: This is a BEAUTIFUL list.  She has stuff you’d never see elsewhere (or at least this Pennsylvania girl wouldn’t).  She has it organized by type of gift so you can look for gifts for kids, items for the home, or accessories, among others.  Definitely check it out.
  5. Erika’s (Married in Mile Square City) Ugandan Gift Guide: This is a list of just 5 organizations that give back to those in need in Uganda specifically.  Love that it’s a short list and yet she hand-picked some stellar organizations.  I love that she chose to focus on a specific area she wanted to reach by way of her giving because that country has a special place in her heart.  Makes me want to choose one area of focus for next year’s Christmas giving (a fun challenge to be super intentional).
  6. Heidi’s (Heidi at Home) Shopping with a Purpose:  She has some that are different from the other lists so definitely check this out.  She also links up to Fair Trade Friday which is a great option either for yourself (am I allowed to promote buying gifts for yourself?) or as a neat subscription box that helps women around the world.
  7. Jamie Ivey’s (The Happy Hour) Christmas Special Shopping Guide:  Jamie Ivey and Jen Hatmaker co-hosted a podcast sharing 25 different companies that are worth buying from.  But Jamie, the awesome girl she is, put a whole list together so you don’t have to go back and listen to the whole episode every time and write it all down.  Brilliant.  But you still should listen to the podcast because Jamie + Jen Hatmaker = fun times.

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