Midweek Espresso {11.19.14}

Here’s your weekly Midweek Espresso.  I share with you some of my favorites I’ve read/seen across the web.  Some may not actually be new but I found them this past week.  Nevertheless, all of what you will find will either make you laugh, cry, or be challenged. Enjoy!

And always feel free to share your favorites with me (ones not included on the list or the ones below that you liked the most)!


Midweek Espresso {11.19.14}

A hotel designed with Pantone colors and you choose which is your favorite for your room?  A bit too colorful for some but not for this girl.

Could these girls have been any more excited to have another sibling on the way?  Precious.  Almost makes me want to have a 4th when my kids are all older.  I said almost.

And since we’re on the whole kid thing, this family’s story made me cry tears of sorrow and happiness.  Beautiful picture of trusting God.

It’s a lie that God doesn’t give us more than we can handle.  Never thought of it this way but he’s right.  (Disclaimer: one curse word in bold).

I needed this this week, as I’m learning how to chill out a bit and try to enjoy this motherhood ride.

While I was over at the blog above, I found this list of 20 ways to fill your child’s love tank on their birthday.  We keep saying we want to make birthdays a big deal but haven’t so this totally motivated me.

Loved this analogy of coffee to marriage.  Marriage doesn’t become boring over time . . . it’s comforting to have the expectancy and routine.

I already shared this on my personal FB page but feel it’s worth sharing again on the blog.  Annie has a beautiful perspective here.  A must read for parents of tween girls especially.

I’m not a homeschooling mom and I still got something out of this.  Just some good tips to allow kids to be creative and learn without us hovering over them and having them asking us for stuff to do 24/7.

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