Midweek Espresso {12.3.14}

Here’s your weekly Midweek Espresso.  I share with you some of my favorites I’ve read/seen across the web.  Some may not actually be new but I found them this past week.  Nevertheless, all of what you will find will either make you laugh, cry, or be challenged. Enjoy!

And always feel free to share your favorites with me (ones not included on the list or the ones below that you liked the most)!


Midweek Espresso {12.3.14}

MUST WATCH:  I like adoption video.  While you’re at it, watch this one too.  Serious tears were shed with watching these.  So good.  And then this week at the library I’m in the children’s room as the only adult with my kids and a bunch of kids, many with special needs, come in.  And I was in my element.  Hm, future me in this video?

Really respect the Eggerichs and they have a good short post here on 4 ways to lovingly discipline kids.  Good reminders for stuff that actually works.  And here are 6 ways you may be unintentionally telling your kid not to listen.  More good reminders of what we may know but forget (I do #1 way too often and my husband catches me a lot).

Meant to share this last week but it’s still good.  We mamas need rest and need not feel guilty to take it.

Video: The power of introverts.  This isn’t a new TED Talk but I came across it last week and thought it was really good.  This whole introvert/extrovert thing has been huge for me lately.  (You can read more about my recent discovery here.)

“It’s not fair for me to invite people into my home if I don’t have the room to listen.”  When it’s okay to not be hospitable.

She has a way with words, that Emily Freeman.  A Simple Blessing to Encourage Hope.


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