Midweek Espresso {2.5.15}

Here’s your weekly Midweek Espresso.  I share with you some of my favorites I’ve read/seen across the web.  Some may not actually be new but I found them this past week.  Nevertheless, all of what you will find will either make you laugh, cry, or be challenged. Enjoy!

And always feel free to share your favorites with me (ones not included on the list or the ones below that you liked the most)!


Midweek Espresso {2.5.15}

So who wants to buy me a house with a big backyard and build me a huge table so I can do this?  Ya.  So cool.

Shared this on the FB page but seriously hilarious so I had to share it again here.

Ah soul-refreshing words.  It’s okay to be unremarkable.  Yes it is.

I love goals and this isn’t saying to do away with them but rather know that you are enough right here, right now.  Must-read.

Read this and then go force some tangible love on someone.

“Falling in love with the idea of a person is ideally the beginning to living out love with that person for always.” Gotta love Ann and her wisdom.  Right on.  This is for the young women, the young men, the wives and the husbands.

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