Midweek Espresso {4.1.15}

It’s April?!  Where’s the spring weather, you ask?  I was wondering the same thing.  Soon, friends, soon.  For now, let’s continue to drink our hot tea or coffee snuggled up in a blanket and enjoy some goodness from around the web this week.  In case you’re new to this, here’s the inside scoop on the Midweek Espresso:

Wednesdays can be tough.  We’ve started the week so we have a few days behind us but we still have more to go.  So we often need a little boost.  A little espresso, if you will.  So I share with you some of my favorites I’ve read/seen across the web in hopes that they’ll give you just what you need to perk up.  Some may not actually be new but I found them this past week.  Nevertheless, all of what you will find will either make you laugh, cry, or be challenged.  I also encourage you to share your own links–comment with a link to your own blog with what you found worthwhile this week, or just simply share the link to anything you enjoyed so we can check it out for ourselves.  Let me know what you loved the most so I can be on the lookout for more goodness like it to help give you a midweek boost next time.  Enjoy!

Tip: Use Pocket (it’s free) to help you save anything you want to look at but need to save for another time.  It’s like bookmarking but you can put tags on them and everything.  I LOVE it.


For the mamas with littles, say yes to when God nudges you.  This was so good.

Micha Boyett is quickly becoming my wanna-be-BFF (I know, I also said that about Jen Hatmaker last week and I’ve said it about Melanie Shankle in the past, but I can have more than one, can’t I?).  This rung so true for me–I could’ve written this myself.  For those who may tend to be performance-based/perfectionistic, maybe having grown up being over-achievers, this is for you as you parent or walk with others through life.

We need to learn to say yes to help and then be that same good friend and neighbor back.  Such a good reminder.

Ok here’s a funny one.  If you love Tom Hanks, you’ll love this.  I haven’t even seen all of his movies (actually, many of them) but it was still super enjoyable.  Sending this to my dad right now.

This was so gutsy and beautiful.  This is what happens when we help others understand so they don’t have to stay in ignorance, rather than getting upset with them.  Loved this.

In case you’re a Lent Loser.  Yes yes yes.  Read this and breathe in the grace.

“Being enemies is not an option.  Being humans who belong to each other is the only option.”  Oh this was so beautiful, from the lovely Ann Voskamp and her recent trip to Israel.

I love seeing the everyday small acts of kindness like this.  Gives a little hope, doesn’t it?

Ignore the shoulds sometimes.  I have put this into practice over the past few months and can’t even tell you how wonderful it is.  For you Type A people, this is a must.

I love minimalism and making sure my kids don’t grow up ungrateful.  Tsh shares how to decrease the toys with a reminder that just because kids want something doesn’t mean they’re ungrateful or selfish (and it’s not wrong to sometimes let them have it).  Very well-rounded and practical.


  1. Thanks for the “pocket” tip … you know just what i need, Miss Debbie!!

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