My Bookshelf

Welcome to my bookshelf.  I’m a recovering un-reader who has found a love for reading (it still shocks me that I just typed “love” and “reading” in the same sentence without “don’t).  The books listed below made it through a pretty rigorous process (I tend to not finish books I don’t like in the first chapter or so . . . I know, that’s horrible, but I’m big on not potentially wasting my time) so you know they must be decent.  I may not agree with every single word written in each book (whether an idea or infrequent inappropriate language) but was at least encouraged and challenged by the book as a whole.  Click below to access my Recommended Reads Pinterest board.  All the links will take you to the book on Amazon.  Happy reading!

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You can also see what books I’ve read recently (even if I didn’t include them on my recommended reads list), with a little description of what I thought about the book.


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