Naturebox {Review}

Disclaimer:  I’m not being paid for this review or anything.  I just know that I like hearing from others before making purchases so I’m trying to help ya’ll out.  However, if you decide to try it out, you can use this link to get $10 off your first box (like I did) and I would receive $10 as well (and then you can do the same for others and make the happiness go ’round).

I’ve been wanting to try Naturebox for a while but put it off.  Then I decided to read reviews of various snacks on their website and saw I could get 5 snacks for around $10 for my first month and figured it can’t hurt to try it.  So here’s my honest review of it.



I’ll start with 2 huge things for me.  1) They donate a meal to Feeding America for every box sold.  I’m always a fan of companies that give back, especially when you know they’re making a decent profit.  2) You can see in the picture below the quality and nutrition of the products.  I don’t always have time to make my own stuff from scratch (or I fail at making them taste good) so I was drawn to the fact that I can have some fairly healthy snacks in my house that don’t taste like cardboard.

Screenshot (2)

The snacks came in a box made of recycled materials and they gave suggestions for how to reuse the box.  It was a nice added touch but not what makes or breaks something for me.

The bags came in resealable bags, which is great.  I didn’t have to put them in other containers or worry about the contents spilling out.

I like the branding (colors, logo, etc.), as their choices reflect the natural-driven product well.

The bags each have a see-through section so you can see what’s inside (not just go by the name), which I like as well.


I’ll review each of the 5 items I received individually.

Dark Cocoa Nom Noms:  These are pretty delicious.  Kind of like a small, soft cookie but you can tell it’s heathier.  Sweet but slightly filling.  It’s a good treat for when you need just a little something to satisfy a sweet tooth, knowing that you are’t putting anything full of preservatives and such in your body.

Peanut Butter Nom Noms:  My son really liked them but the rest of us weren’t fans.  I don’t love peanut butter to begin with but my husband said there was only a hint of the flavor.  I thought I’d like them, then, but something was just off.  My son ate the rest thankfully though.

Salted Caramel Pretzel Pops:  These are so yummy, especially when you have a craving for something sweet.  Just a little salt and definitely a malted kind of flavor.  It’s tempting to eat the whole bag.  My kids don’t like them as much as I do but that works out for me.

Toasted Cheddar Stix:  If you need some cheesy or crunchy, these are for you.  They have a definite sesame flavor and a strong cheddar taste.  I wish there were more in the bag but maybe that’s good for portion control.  My son likes them too.  My husband said they were okay (not a sesame fan) and my daughter is picky and only likes unhealthy things so she didn’t care for them either.

Coconut Cashews:  My one SIL tried these and found them to be just as good as me.  Seriously, best combo ever.  Brilliant.  Such a delicious dessert idea.  Plus because they are sweet, I’m less apt to eat too many at once.  I’ll definitely be getting these again.

Bang for your Buck

Because I got a good deal on them the first month, it was definitely worth the money and comparable to store-bought stuff.  Plus you get more variety and you know it’s healthy.  If you get 5 bags for about $20, it comes to about $5/bag.  It’s a little much for say the nom noms, as there aren’t many in there, but for the cashews it’s a decent deal.  If you can get some referral credits to get the bags for $10/month then I think it’s definitely a good idea.  I do see some value in not making the bags too big though because then it’s tempting to eat more so maybe it’s good they’re smaller. :o)

Have you tried Naturebox?  If so, share your experience.

And remember, if you want to try it out, use this link so you get it for about $10.  Definitely worth at least a try!

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