Quick & Easy Dinners {Kielbasa}

I don’t post often about food because I’m not amazing in the kitchen.  I’m a thousand times better than I was in, say, high school.  But that’s only due to good recipes.  I still don’t know how to cut vegetables the correct way or know anything about knives or much about kitchen appliances beyond the basics.  But I know a good, easy recipe when I see (and taste) one.  Most moms will tell you that the dinner prep hour is one of the more stressful times of the day (everyone is hungry and wanting attention).  Are some recipes worth the effort (time, money, skill)?  Sure.  But when I’m not even sure if my family will like it, I hesitate to put too much into the dish so it’s rare I’ll make something too intense.  Add to it that it’s a stressful time of day and I’m more apt to go for the quick and easy option.

So here are some tried and true quick & easy recipes I think you’ll enjoy (no knocking ’em before you’ve tried them either).  Click on the name for the link to the recipe and in parentheses I put the main ingredients to give you an idea of what to expect.

This edition we’ll do recipes with kielbasa.  In the future I’ll do chicken, beef, etc.

kielbasa dinner

3 Quick & Easy Dinners {Kielbasa}

Roast Kielbasa Supper (apples, onions, kielbasa, potatoes):  This is my new favorite.  It had no reviews but I figured it was simple, didn’t require much by way of ingredients, and Rachel Ray has a good rep.  I wasn’t sure about the apples but I was craving them one day and I can’t have them raw so I decided to give it a try.  Good move on my part.  Even my husband was hesitant but then said it wasn’t as bad as he would’ve thought.  And my picky 4 year old even ate it.

Potato Kielbasa Skillet (potatoes, kielbasa, bacon):  Can’t go wrong with a little bacon!  The only more difficult part is making sure the potatoes are soft (they have you put them in the microwave). It takes some time to figure out how long to have them in.  But once you have that down, it’s pretty easy.

Kielbasa Tortellini Alfredo (tortellini, alfredo sauce, kielbasa):  This is a favorite among visitors in our house.  Its incredibly quick so I can make it after church if people are coming over.  Just add a salad and maybe some garlic bread and it’s a meal.  I don’t usually put the tomato in (just sauce, frozen tortellini, chopped green pepper, minced garlic, and kielbasa).  And I highly recommend using Bertolli’s Garlic Alfredo for the sauce.  It makes a difference (and I rarely say that about brands and often go for whatever is cheapest but not here).

{Bonus} Spectacular Sausage and Peppers:  This is technically a sausage recipe but I’m adding it.  I know a lot of people may not be into peppers and I didn’t used to like them but over time, I just kept trying them and grew to like them.  Now that I don’t mind peppers, especially when cooked, I like this.  I mix up the pepper color by adding in some yellow and orange peppers (much prefer them over green and red).  Plus it makes it more festive!


What are some of your favorite quick & easy recipes using kielbasa?  I want to add more to my list!

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